cjmcu-ms1100 Formaldehyde/ Formalin Detection Sensor

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VOC Gas Sensor Module Formaldehyde Benzene Concentration Gas Induction 100mA Breakout for Arduino.

Technical Parameters:


  • 1.The heating voltage:5V+/-2%
  • 2.Working current:100mA (max)
  • 3.The circuit voltage:<DC 12V
  • 4.Sensitivity:>3%
  • 5.Response time:<5s (preheat 3-5 minutes)
  • 6.Response time:>10s
  • 7.The component power consumption: =<430mW
  • 8.Working temperature:-10~60 celsius (nominal temperature 20 celsius)
  • 9.Humidity:90%RH (nominal humidity 65%RH)




  • 1.With the analog signal and the output signal at the same level;
  • 2.The analog signal output range 0-5V. analog signals can be directly connected to the AD acquisition;
  • 3.The digital level signal output valid signal is low. led lights. can be directly connected micro-controller IO port;
  • 4.The sensor sensitivity can be adjusted. you can set sensor thresholds. with gas output low. can be directly connected to the micro-controller;
  • 5.Formaldehyde.toluene.xylene and other volatile gases have high sensitivity.can be used for the qualitative detection of air quality;
  • 6.With a long service life and reliable stability;
  • 7.Rapid response and recovery features. easy installation.



For the home environment and other air fresheners detection. smoke control ventilation fans and other equipment suitable for testing the concentration range: 0 to 1000ppm qualitative detection of the gas

Datasheet: [PDF]

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